Our Christian Education is an essential element of our growth as disciples of Jesus Christ.  In the Sunday School setting, we have the opportunity to learn from our instructors/facilitators as well as from one another.  Sunday School groups are available for all ages.


Teacher:  Janet Doffermyre

Our elementary class studies the Bible on a level that is appropriate for their age group.  Lessons are drawn from Great Commission Publications materials which provide a strong foundation for understanding Scripture from a Reformed perspective.  These young people are also learning “The Children’s Catechisms” which is the children’s version of the Westminster Shorter Catechisms.  In addition to Biblical lessons and instruction in the Catechisms, our elementary class members engage in a time of prayer, develop friendships, and are provided snacks.

Middle Elementary

Teacher:  Dianne Barefoot

Our middle elementary Sunday School class members receive Biblical instruction from lessons drawn from Great Commission Publications curriculum which is appropriate for young people their age.  These young people continue to learn Scriptural truths from a Reformed perspective.  They also continue their study and memorization of “The Children’s Catechisms”.  Memorization of the Catechisms is a method of study that has been employed from the earliest Presbyterians.


Teacher:  Daren McLamb

Our Youth studies the Scriptures with the assistance of age appropriate materials from Standard Publishing.  In addition to these lessons and group interaction, the class will enjoy select Christian films on occasion.

Young Adults

Teachers:  Skip Webb and John Paul Godwin

The “Young Adult” class involves, but is not restricted to, men and women who are in their twenties to late thirties.  The young adults study Biblical material with the assistance of Standard Publishing materials.

Adult Men

Teacher:  Walter (Sandy) Smith

The Men’s Class meets in the Fellowship Hall.  The class is presented in lecture style along with group involvement.  Lessons are Biblically focused and assisted by materials from Standard Publishing.

Adult Women

Teacher:  Karene Smith

The adult women meet in the Sanctuary for their class.  Bible lessons are presented in a lecture style format along with group interaction.  Materials from Standard Publishing assist the ladies in the study of Scripture.

Wednesday Night Bible Study (September through mid-June)

Teacher:  Rev. Michael Weaver

On Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m., we meet in the Music Room for Bible Study.  We begin the class with prayer, remembering those who have special needs and concerns, as well as offering thanks for answered prayer.  Rev. Weaver then introduces the subject of study for the evening, and we watch a DVD video of a noted Reformed theologian on Biblical and/or theological matters.  After the video, Rev. Weaver facilitates discussion and assists in strengthening the class’ understanding of the material.  Most recently, we have studied the following topics:

Wisdom Literature    |     Dr. James “Mickey” Efird

The Holiness of God    |     Dr. R. C. Sproul

Hath God Said?    |     Dr. R. C. Sproul

Moses and the Burning Bush    |     Dr. R. C. Sproul

The Parables of Jesus    |     Dr. R. C. Sproul

Loved By God    |     Dr. R. C. Sproul

Who Is the Holy Spirit?    |     Dr. Sinclair Ferguson

The New Birth    |     Dr. Steven J. Lawson

Living a Life of True Worship    |     Precept Upon Precept

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God    |     Dr. R. C. Sproul, Jr.

Understanding Biblical Doctrine:  A Workbook in Theology    |     Crown & Covenant Publications

The Sermon of the Mount    |     Dr. Sinclair Ferguson